Tom Stanger and David Mclean, Newport Independents Party candidates for Stow Hill, have been busy making their case to residents and businesses in the Stow Hill ward.

The pair are currently canvassing every day and evening in the ward delivering their ward newsletter and speaking to residents about the issues they face.

“Stow Hill is Newport’s most diverse council ward,” explained David Mclean. “As well as residential areas it also includes the city centre. That’s why it needs specific representation that it is not currently getting.

“We are dedicated to tackling the complex issues that Stow Hill faces. Free from the constraints of national party politics, we offer real representation and an opportunity for residents and business owners to take back control.”

Tom Stanger added “The ‘Cosy Club’ of Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are out of ideas and are treading water. It’s the people of Newport who are paying the price for their lack of vision. They have presided over the decline in Newport and have hidden their failure behind sound bites and wasted opportunities.

“We now have a city where the homeless are a familiar sight on our streets and are offered little or no help, and where anti-social behaviour is such a major problem that many people feel discouraged from going into the city centre for fear of intimidation. It’s time for change.”

Tom Stanger and David Mclean understand Stow Hill, having both lived in the ward on many occasions since the 1980s.
David Mclean has a professional background that includes working with businesses and bodies that specialise in city centre development and retail, while Tom has a background in public sector contracts and has actively campaigned for a number of issues over many years including recycling, domestic abuse, and mental health issues.

“We pledge to be open, accountable and accessible,” said Tom Stanger. “We will hold regular clinics and will keep you updated on ward matters. With no party politics we are wholly able to listen to the concerns of residents and act on their behalf and instruction without having to seek permission from any party.”

To download the Stow Hill newsletter from Tom Stanger and David Mclean click Stow-Hill-Indies-newsletter-cropped

The issues covered in the Stow Hill newsletter are:

Waste Management
The establishment parties don’t seem to have noticed that Newport Council’s one-size-fits-all approach to waste management is not working for many areas of the city.

However, Tom Stanger has been campaigning for a change to the recycling scheme since mid-2016. Tom started a petition to convince the council that the system wasn’t working for everyone, and was featured on BBC Wales ‘Week In Week Out’ when he took the BBC film crew to Jones Street in Baneswell to highlight the problem.

“This is a health and hygiene issue,” says Tom. “It places the burden of sorting waste on the residents.

“By changing this service we propose to scrap the kerb side service and reduce the number of containers as many other cities have done. This will help Newport achieve recycling targets while at the same time keeping our streets safe and clean and creating more jobs in recycling.”

David Mclean adds “The Council’s lax attitude to street management can also be seen in the city centre where the streets are in a disgusting state and in need of a jet wash.

“Other city centres can manage this simple task, why not Newport? It’s not good enough. It makes the city look bad and is a health hazard.

“We are committed to better street cleaning and management of Newport’s biggest asset—the city centre. It is vital that Newport is cleaned up for the sake of residents and local businesses.”

The City Centre
Labour and the Conservatives have run out of ideas for improving the city centre. Dirty streets and anti-social behaviour are making Newport less attractive to shoppers and businesses.

Friars Walk has not proved the silver bullet of regeneration we were promised, and all around Friars Walk the city continues to decline, with local independent traders struggling to survive.

The Council appears to bend over backwards in laying the red carpet for multi-national businesses that show no real loyalty to the city, but does little for the independent businesses that should be the bedrock of the local economy.

Long-time residents of Newport who love this city are despairing of the state of the city centre and are saying Labour’s ‘City on the Rise’ mantra is little more than empty spin

We support a ZERO TOLERENCE approach to anti-social behaviour, instead of spin and soundbites telling us everything is fine.

Stow Hill needs a stronger police presence to tackle anti-social behaviour that includes intimidation, illegal parking, drug dealing, and youths causing problems in the city centre and in our parks. A solution needs to be found, but can the establishment parties be trusted to deal with a problem that they have presided over for so many years?

Above all, we are committed to putting the local business community FIRST and bringing Newport city centre back to life, with a healthy and robust economy.

Illegal and Bad Parking
There was a time when parking restrictions were taken seriously. However, a lack of interest from the establishment parties has led to a free-for-all in residential streets and in the city centre.

In the Newport Independents Party ‘Vision for Newport’ document we support free use of Council owned car parks, innovative parking solutions, and a more effective public transport system that will alleviate much of the pressure on residential areas around the city centre.

We appreciate permit parking systems are not ideal for everyone, so we would adopt a street-by-street approach which would benefit the majority of residents.

We also seek to ensure that carers have the same permissions in parking as Disability Badge users. This will help to ensure they have proper access to the elderly, disabled and those in need of care.

The Homeless
Homelessness has drastically risen over the past few years. Many have been forced onto the streets due to budget cuts to social services by the Conservative government and a lack of focus from the Labour led council. We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity with no one left behind. We will seek to improve Council policy, working with local charities to ensure the homeless get the help they need.

Issue date: Monday 24th March 2017


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April 25, 2017