Our Contract

Our Contract

The time is right for a new force in local government. A force that is free from the constraints of party politics. A force that is allowed to work in the best interests of Newport and the neighbourhood communities that call this great city home. This is what I’ve been increasingly hearing on the streets of Newport from people who are fed up of their elected representatives putting the interests of their parties first, and who are failing to represent them. It’s time for that to stop. It’s time for real change. The candidates of the Newport Independents Party are a diverse bunch from across the political spectrum and with a huge range of experience. But they all share one ambition; to hold to account the cosy club at the Civic Centre and to bring our council closer to the people. We want to offer the people of Newport representation that listens to them and puts the interests of the city, its existing communities, and its people first. It is certainly achievable. All of our candidates are truly independent. The party will never tell them what to do or how to vote on important issues that affect the city. That’s down to YOU! Our team is passionate and driven with great ideas, and we are not afraid to shine a light onto the Labour and Conservative establishment cosy club that keeps telling us Newport is thriving when the evidence of our own eyes tells us a different story. Newport deserves better. Join us on May 4th in making positive change to our proud city. Councillor Kevin Whitehead Leader of the Newport Independents Party

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March 14, 2017