Newport City Council’s one-size-fits-all waste management system is creating a dirtier and messier city, especially in areas of the city that feature terraced housing, says Tom Stanger, a Newport Independent Party candidate for the Stow Hill ward.

“The current system of bins, boxes and bags is fine for households that have front gardens or drives, or where there is an off-street frontage where bins can be stored, but it is totally unsuitable for areas such as Baneswell that don’t. This is not only a scheme that is problematic for many parts of the area but incredibly difficult for many elderly and disabled residents who have many difficulties in managing the scheme.

“Baneswell has always been a close community, but it has been blighted in recent years by the bins, boxes and bags that permanently clog up the streets and which attract rodents and other pests. The constant presence of waste boxes on pavements is not only an inconvenience, it can present a hazard and a mess, especially when they are kicked over or vandalised, or knocked over in windy conditions. It just creates more rubbish on the streets.

“Walking around the ward recently with my colleague David Mclean and speaking to residents, it is clear that this is a serious concern that needs to be addressed. It can’t be allowed to continue. Newport needs a better system that will keep our streets clean and create jobs. Our current scheme provides neither.”

Tom Stanger is passionate about the waste management issue in Newport, and has been interviewed on BBC Wales ‘Week In, Week Out’, when he took the BBC film crew to Jones Street in Baneswell to illustrate his point. He has also started a Change.Org petition calling for a simplification of the system that has over 350 signatures.

One signatory to the petition commented “It’s getting too complicated. Where are people expected to store all these boxes and bins? Not everyone lives in large houses with side alleys and big gardens to store the seven recycling bins, bags and boxes. Terraced streets look awful with lines and lines of bins, and as we are into ‘recycling’ how come the green bags haven’t been recycled, but have been replaced by red bags at cost to taxpayer?”

David Mclean, who is also standing for Newport Independents Party in the Stow Hill ward, added “The lax attitude to waste management and street cleanliness is clear for anyone to see. It not only affects residential areas, but also blights the city centre where the streets are strewn with rubbish and are in dire need of a concerted programme of regular jet-washing.

Other cities manage the simple task of keeping their shopping centres clean, why can’t Newport?

“Cleaning the city centre streets is crucial if we are to make Newport a destination once again and increase footfall for local businesses. We need innovative thinking and a converted effort from the council to sort this.”

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Issue date: April 10th 2017