PERSONAL STATEMENT: I firmly believe that the current political setup in this country has become stale and is barely fit for purpose. Newport has been represented by both the major parties over the last 40 or so years, and both of them have presided over a period of decline within the city. It is my belief that this needs to change! I hope that in the coming election, the people of Newport will support the ordinary local people who have stood up to represent their communities through the Newport Independents Party. Local Communities are too important to leave it up to lifelong politicians and petty party politics.
The influx of independent candidates standing across the country in the coming council elections is indicative of a movement that can give our communities the vital link and support they deserve.

About Gavin

I am a Malpas native, having been born and raised on Rowan Way. I attended Malpas Park primary followed by Bettws Comprehensive and finally the University of Wolverhampton. Where i completed a degree in War Studies. I have lots of close family living on both sides of Malpas Road. I have two children who i absolutely adore.

Candidate Details

Name    Gavin Phillips
Ward     Malpas
Job       HR Manager
Loves   Malpas Community

For the last 10 years I have worked on the front line of public services in Newport Jobcentre. I supported and helped those who have been affected most by austerity. Through my work at Newport Jobcentre, I witnessed just how much this current government has targeted the most vulnerable of our society

Whilst I worked for Jobcentre Plus, I was also heavily involved as a trade union rep. I found this to be very rewarding and loved the feeling of being able to help people. I look forward to doing the same for our Malpas community.

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